Camera Surveillance Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to outline how security cameras are used at Vetta Group premises (including all brands and companies under the group, and to ensure our compliance and obligations under the Privacy Act.

Security cameras are in use at all Vetta Group premises, including but not limited to our offices and communication tower locations. This policy aims to follow best practice to ensure that any image, captured, collected and stored is handled in a confidential manner that protects an individuals privacy at all times.

The purpose of the installation of these cameras is to prevent and detect crime and/or antisocial behaviour. This is to ensure the protection and safety of all individuals while on our premises, as well as the protection of our property.

Our internal I.T. teams, lead by our Operations Manager are responsible for the operation of the surveillance system.

Placement & Locations
Placement and locations of our cameras are placed in areas which do not intrude on the privacy of individuals. The placement of cameras will not interfere with the normal activities of the environment or premises.

Signage is present at and/or at the border of areas where surveillance is in operation, with a link to this page for full information on the policy.

Operational Periods
Our surveillance is setup to record at a reduced quality constantly, and a higher quality at periods where motion is detected, including 20 seconds before and after the period of detected motion. This occurs 24×7.

Use and Disclosure
Images and videos from our surveillance cameras will only be used for the intended purpose as described within this policy. Recorded footage will only be viewed by authorised personnel and any law enforcement as required to assist in the resolution of an event.

Imagery will be transmitted over internal network links and stored on restricted computer systems. Only authorised personnel will be able to obtain access to stored imagery.

Imagery will be recorded on our systems for approximately 60 days before being overwritten by newer content. Some recordings of interest may be retained for the purpose of resolving an open incident or legal proceeding.